Dmitry Chernoglazov was born in Leningrad 27.05.1980. In 1997 he finished the St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium and entered the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at St. Petersburg State University. At the same time he became a student of prof. Ja. Ljubarskij and under his guidance took his first steps in byzantine philology. In 2000 he traslated into Russian (together with D. Abdrahmanova) the Historia Syntomos by Michael Psellos.
In 2002 D. Chernoglazov graduated from St. Petersburg State University. Till 2005 he was a post-graduate student at the Department of General Linguistics. In autumn 2004 he spent one and a half month at Cologne University. In 2006 he defended the thesis: The Chronicle of John Zonaras and its Sources. Methods of Zonaras as Historiographer. At present D. Chernoglazov is studying the work of John Tzetzes. Much attention is given to his letters, which are considered in the broad context of all the byzantine epistolography. In future it is supposed to prepare the Russion translation of these letters with a detailed commentary. D. Chernoglazov is a member of the Greek Institute. Since 1999 he takes an active part in the meetings of the St. Petersburg Byzantine Group. He combines his research work with teaching activity at the Department of General Linguistics at St. Petersburg State University. He teaches history of the Byzantine literature, Latin and Ancient Greek languages.


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