Yuri A.

PhD, Professor

E-mail: yurikleiner@hotmail.com

Professor at the Department of General Linguistics

Secretary: The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg.

Associate editor: Yazyk i rechevaya deyatel'nost' (Language and Language Behavior). Journal of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg.

Candidate of Philology (Ph.D.): Germanic Languages (1980). Leningrad University.
Dissertation topic: Unstressed Vowels in English: Synchronic and Diachronic.

Doctor of Philology (Habil.): Comparative Linguistics (2000). University of St. Petersburg
Dissertation topic: Types of Prosodic and Suprasegmental Phenomena.

Interests (research and teaching): general linguistics, phonology (general, historical, and Germanic), prosody, Old Germanic languages and literatures, oral tradition, folklore, epic, history of linguistics, translation, sociolinguistics and language contacts, dialectology, English as a second language, Russian as a second language, Russian literature and culture.

  • The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg
  • Societas Linguistica Europaea
  • International Society of Anglo-Saxonists
  • International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics
  • The George Borrow Society (U.K.)
Participation in research projects
  • NWO:Voices from the Shtetl. The past and present of the Yiddish language in Russia.1999-2002
  • Russian National Research Foundation: Enclave languages within the Balkan Sprachbund (phonological aspects). 2002-2004.


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(2) German and Austrian Painting;
(3) British Painting;
(4) French Painting;
(5) Italian Painting (ed.)